About The Horror Anthology

Inspired by classic horror and slasher movies and our favourite horror icons The Horror Anthology Vol. 1 is a music video album of 12 songs and very cheeky and raunchy music videos which pay homage to the horror genre.

We’re covering everything from sexy vampires, bikini zombie hunters, zombie strippers, possessed nuns, ghosts and scream queens in a selection of songs written by Steve Davis and Matt Collins and performed by The Cloud Guru.

Songs for The Horror Anthology Vol. 1 and The Horror Anthology Vol. 2 so far include –

Scream Queen
House of Wax: The story of Elisha Cuthbert in the motion picture House of Wax
I Wanna Kill You
Low Budget Horror Movies
Bikini Nazi Hunters of the Undead
The Underworld Movie starring Kate Beckinsale
Scream Queen II
Hammer Glamour
Haunted Hunnies
Slay Bells
The Virgin Witch
I’m Saw
Zombie Strippers
Jason’s Daughter
Stephen King: The Master of Horror
A Chainsaw Massacre in Texas
Scream Queen III
Sins of the Nun
I Took A Wrong Turn
Freddy’s Daughter vs Jason’s Daughter

We still have two more tracks to write, any suggestions as to what our last two songs should be?

We will be shooting through 2024 with the aim of releasing The Horror Anthology Vol. 1 on Halloween 2024.

All songs written by
Steve Davis & Matt Collins

Performed by
The Cloud Guru

Videos directed by
Steve Davis

Gary JJ Spate

A product of Evil Goat Productions and Evil Goat Music.